Wednesday, May 03, 2006


What a lot of coverage happiness is getting at the moment; BBC News last night and the Today programme this morning

It has got me thinking - Is it important not to lose something once you’ve tasted it e.g. difficult to go back to that one bedroom flat once you’ve had the 4 bedroom detached house, difficult to be single once you’ve been married, difficult to have poor health if you’ve always been healthy?

I’m sure there is some research which contradicts this - suggesting that dramatic changes such as winning the lottery and becoming paraplegic do not affect happiness levels beyond the short-term

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Do we expect to enjoy our work?

My new research methodology involves asking taxi drivers what their most enjoyable job has been. The variety of jobs that these people have done has astounded me but disappointingly, I've found that most people don't expect to enjoy their work. If enjoying work isn't on the radar, I suspect the chances of finding it are pretty limited.

I have no doubt that fully enjoying one's work is simply not possible but surely organisations and individuals who analyse the opportunities to enjoy work more and do something about it are going to be the winners?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Enjoy Work

When did you last really enjoy your work?

Have you ever worked for an organisation that cared whether people enjoyed their work or not?

What makes work enjoyable?

Do you think that people perform better when they're enjoying their work?

I believe passionately that we all perform so much better when we enjoy what were do and we enjoy ourselves so much more when were performing well

If you have any stories to tell about enjoying your work I'd love to hear them